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Course Description: Survey characteristics of diverse learners including students with disabilities and at-risk concerns. Provides knowledge and practice, regarding the general educator’s role related to professional collaboration, and curricular adaptations/modifications.


1. Demonstrate of FAPE as defined by state law and federal law (IDEA)

2. Gain knowledge of educational techniques and strategies that can be used in the general education setting to facilitate the successful inclusion of students with disabilities and other educational needs.

3. Apply knowledge of education techniques and strategies to create instructional modification and accommodation to foster successful inclusion for students with disabilities and other educational needs in the general education/classroom setting.

4. Demonstrate knowledge of various alternatives for providing the least restrictive environment for students with disabilities.

5. Gain knowledge and understanding leading to an accepting and understanding attitude toward the role of the general educator in fostering inclusive practices, and toward inclusion of children with disabilities and other educational needs in the general education/classroom setting.

Instructional Methods

Readings, written responses, power points, videos and analysis.

Course Assignments

1. Learning Strategy Presentation (50 points) – develop a presentation on a learning strategy in a curriculum area of your choosing.

a. Cover the purpose of the strategy
b. Cover the steps of the strategy.
c. Provide an example utilizing the steps.
d. Provide a PDF that will help others use the strategy in their classroom.

2. Websites Search – (25 points) Locate 5 websites that pertain to persons with disabilities/differences and/or educating special needs students. These need to be websites from professional organizations or resource websites. You will need to write a summary of each site that includes the following:

            ●  Link to the site 

            ●  Type of disability/difference/different need addressed 

            ●  One thorough paragraph explaining what you found helpful on this site, why you would 
recommend it, and to whom you would recommend the site (parents, families, gen. ed. teachers, 
paraprofessionals, administration) 

            ●  Cost to use site 
3. Issue/Interest Exploration – (25 points) Choose an issue or area of interest related to disabilities/differences and/or educating special needs students. Research current trends in your area of interest. Create a slide presentation (powerpoint or google slides) you could use to do a short professional development for your staff to teach them about your topic of interest. The slide show must include: 

            ●  Title Slide with your name and topic 

            ●  One slide explaining why you chose this topic to study/explore 

            ●  7-10 informational slides 

            ●  Slides could include one video link, links to articles or websites that help educate others about your 
Learning Modules


1 /2

            ●  Syllabus 

            ●  View the IEP vs. 504 Powerpoint and video 

            ●  View Powerpoint “What Does General Education Access Mean?” 

            ●  View Powerpoint “Learning Disabilities Intervention Strategies for Specific Areas” 

            ●  View Powerpoint “Teaching ED/Behavior Students” 

            ●  View Dyslexia Playlist 

            ●  View Dyslexia Bootcamp Powerpoint 

            ●  View Top 5 Dyslexia TedTalks 

            ●  View Tourette Syndrome Powerpoint “ Ten Things Teachers Can Do for Students with TS”. This 

Module 3

Powerpoint includes 3 videos

            ●  Dyslexia Continued... Pick 3 of the 5 Ted Talks on this playlist to view 

            ●  View Working With Children with Autism Powerpoint 

            ●  View Video “Fast Facts About Autism Link below 


            ●  PowerPoint: ADHD students 


Module 4

● View Powerpoint 9 Ways to Adapt Instruction
● Co-teaching in the inclusive classroom view the video Co-teaching is a marriage. Link below ●
● View the video Common Co-Teaching Challenges Link below

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Kendall, Philip C. (2000) Clinical Psychology: A Modular Course – Childhood Disorders
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Shinn, R., Walker, H., & Stoner, G. (2002) Interventions for Academic and Behavior Problems II: Preventive and Remedial Approaches



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