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Class Registration Process

  1. Mail-In registration form(s) and tuition via check or money order for each class by October 24.
  2. Instructors will email course materials and information to registrants on October 24.
  3. Course work must be completed and submitted by December 7.




ED595G Utilizing Google to Teach and Learn
Learn how to improve your Google knowledge and skills.  This class is for students with limited or beginning knowledge and experience with GSuite. Google topics including Gmail, Drive, Documents, Slides, Drawings, Chrome, Keep and more will be introduced. GSuite applications will help students find, organize and create meaningful assignments and lessons. Instructor:  Chris Radke


NEW!  ED595H Google Apps and More
This course is designed to provide additional practice for students who need a differentiated approach to Google Apps and add-ons. A variety of topics will be reviewed and/or introduced including sheets, forms, calendar, meets and more.  Instructor:  Sonequa Reeves


ED595D Google in the Digital Classroom
This is an online course designed to expose teachers to trending technologies that will support and enhance classroom instruction.  The course will focus on the learning management system of Google Classroom with connected applications, add-ons and extensions plus a variety of interactive websites and online assessment tools. Instructor: Laura Sandy


NEW! ED595E Google in the Digital Classroom Part 2
This course continues work done in ED595D Google in the Digital Classroom.  Focus will be on updates to the learning management system of Google Classroom with connected applications and extensions plus a variety of interactive websites and video tools.  Instructor: Laura Sandy


ED595O Google Fundamental Training: Google Certified Educator: Level One
This course is for teachers to increase their expertise using Google tools in the classroom.  It is designed to train educators to take the Level One Google Certified Educator Exam.  Prerequisite:  ED595G Using Google to Teach and Learn or ED595D Google in the Digital Classroom or ED595H Google Apps and More.  Instructor: Laura Sandy


ED595P Google Advanced Training:  Google Certified Educator – Level Two
Moving beyond Google Fundamentals, this advanced course teaches cutting-edge strategies for integrating Google in the classroomStudents will be prepared to take the Level Two Google Certified Educator Exam.  Prerequisites: ED595O Google Fundamental Training: Google Certified Educator Level One.  Instructor: Laura Sandy




ED594D Differentiating Instruction K-12
Responding to the needs of students with various readiness levels, strengths and needs can be overwhelming! In this course participants will explore practical strategies to differentiate instruction including Project-Based Learning. Instructor: Catherine Zink

ED594P Project Based Learning for Teachers
This course enables participants to conduct a professional development project of interest while becoming proficient in the design and delivery of project based learning.  Participants will self-select a project (either student based – ie. unit on Civil War or teacher based project, i.e. designing Chromebook assessments for grade 4 reading units) to complete. (Book: John Larmer, Setting the Standard for Project Based Learning is required.)  Instructor:  Sandra Weaver


ED594S Creating a Trauma Sensitive Environment K-12
This course is designed to help teachers create trauma sensitive classrooms that address the needs of traumatized children. Participants will explore different forms of trauma and their effect on the developing mind.  Participants will learn strategies for creating learning environments where students have the best possible opportunity for success. Instructors:  DeAngela Cooper and Sonequa Reeves


ED594T Teaching Students from Poverty K-12
A course designed for K-12 educators with emphasis on understanding the effect of poverty on school age children. Participants will learn how to develop and use strategies to recognize and reach impoverished students. Instructors: DeAngela Cooper and Sonequa Reeves

ED595L 21st Century Literacy: Teaching in the Information Age
This course provides participants practical, research-based strategies for creating engaging lessons that help students improve their skills at collaboration, critical thinking, communication (both print and digital), and creativity – the 4 C’s of the 21st century classroom. Teachers will learn how to make students college and career ready with lessons from Ohio’s Learning Standards that use technology to target student achievement and instructional outcomes.  Instructor:  Keith Manos




ED594C Student Mindset and Classroom Management
Effective classroom management and instruction requires teachers to master many elements.  Some of the topics the course will cover include: mindset & motivation,  “learning to learn” skills, classroom procedures and routines, Ohio school law, parent involvement and instructional alignment. Instructor:  Dr. Craig Weaver


ED595M Mindset, Brain and Education
This course is a foundational investigation of the relationship between psychology, neuroscience and instructional delivery. We will identify current evidence based ideas associated with improving instruction with emphasizes on Carol Dweck’s  “Mindset” research.  This course will enhance participant’s professional and personal growth. Instructor:  Sandra Weaver


ED595B Improving Instruction with Mindset, Brain, and Education Science:  What We Know to be True
How does the brain learn and how can we teach to develop the full potential of students?  What teaching activities, frameworks and strategies, nurture the brain’s most natural way of learning?  This course emphasizes the basic principles, tenets and instructional guidelines associated with mind, brain and education science.  Instructor:  Dr. Craig Weaver




ED584Q Understanding Childhood Disorders in the K-12 Inclusive Classroom
With so many different types of students "included" into the regular education classroom, teachers need to have an understanding of different types of childhood disorders. Participants will gain knowledge of effective educational techniques and strategies related to successful inclusion of students with disabilities. Instructors:  Laura Augustine and Amy Keefer


ED595W What Works in K-12 Special and Inclusive Education
Participants will investigate evidence-based strategies that work in special and inclusive/regular K-12 classrooms.    Students will have the opportunity to explore issues and personal interests in the special education and inclusive settings. Instructor:  Sandra Weaver


NEW! ED594G Meeting the Needs of Gifted Learners in the K-12 Classroom
Developing methods for supporting the needs of gifted learners in the regular education classroom can be overwhelming! In this course, participants will explore foundations for understanding how gifted learners think, their social emotional needs, and strategies of differentiation.  This course meets the ODE requirements for general education teachers designated as a provider of gifted services.  Instructor:  Catherine Zink




ED594E Ethics and Principles of Teacher Leadership
The course will focus on the variables associated with developing a professional educator who can bring a full toolbox of resources to the workplace to help all students reach their full potential. Through discussion, case studies and analysis of theory and practice, participants will become better equipped to address school-based problems and issues. This course meets the requirement for the Ohio Teacher Leader Endorsement. Instructor: Dr. Craig Weaver


ED594M Measurement Based Decision Making in the Professional Learning Community
Teacher performance and student learning must be quantifiable in order to plan and implement effective differentiated instruction in the common core era.  Participants will explore school-wide assessments that help organize and plan the most effective teaching and re-teaching strategies that both enhance and expedite learning. This course meets the requirement for the Teacher Leader endorsement. Instructor:  Dr. Craig Weaver


ED594L Practicum in Teacher Leadership
Students will be involved in structured field experiences designed to demonstrate their competency identified in the Teacher Leadership Endorsement Standards. Prerequisites:  ED594E Ethics and Principles of Teacher Leadership, ED594M Measurement Based Decision Making in Professional Learning Communities and ED594I Collaborative Coaching for Improving InstructionInstructor:  Dr. Craig Weaver


Tuition  3 graduate semester hours = $465.00

Please send completed registration form(s) and tuition (checks or money order) payable to Instructional Delivery Services, 3482 County Road 10, Bellefontaine, Ohio 43311. Please call Sandy Weaver 216-406-5556 or Craig Weaver 216-406-5226 with any questions.



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