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Course Description:  Survey characteristics of diverse learners including students with disabilities and at-risk concerns.  Provides knowledge and practice, regarding the general educator’s role related to professional collaboration, and curricular adaptations/modifications.

1.  Demonstrate of FAPE as defined by state law and federal law (IDEA)
2.  Gain knowledge of educational techniques and strategies that can be used in the general education setting to facilitate the successful inclusion of students with disabilities and other educational needs.
3.  Apply knowledge of education techniques and strategies to create instructional modification and accommodation to foster successful inclusion for students with disabilities and other educational needs in the general education/classroom setting.
4.  Demonstrate knowledge of various alternatives for providing the least restrictive environment for students with disabilities.
5.  Gain knowledge and understanding leading to an accepting and understanding attitude toward the role of the general educator in fostering inclusive practices, and toward inclusion of children with disabilities and other educational needs in the general education/classroom setting.

Instructional Methods
Readings, discussions, presentations, power points, videotapes and analysis. 

Course Assignments
1.  Group Chapter Presentation (25 points) – 20 – 30 minute presentation based upon chapter read, highlighting the significant and interesting points.   Demonstrate a learning strategy for your topic for the class.
2.  Learning Strategy Presentation (30 points) – develop a presentation on a learning strategy in a curriculum area of your choosing.
     a.  Cover the purpose of the strategy         
     b.  Cover the steps of the strategy.
     c.  Provide an example utilizing the steps.
     d.  Provide a handout that will help others use the strategy in the classroom.
3.  Websites Search – (15 points) Locate 2 websites that pertain to childhood disorders and/or educating special needs students.  Be prepared to share the sites with the class (1 will be shared and the second one will be a “back up” in case someone presents the same site).
4.  Issue/Interest Presentation – (30 points) Choose an issue or area of interest related to childhood disorders and/or educating special needs students. Research current trends in your area of interest.  3- 5 minute presentation to class.

Class Schedule

Day 1:

  • Introductions
  • Review Syllabus
  •  Understanding the Law Activity
  • IEP vs 504 Activity
  • PowerPoint: What does General Education Access Mean?
  • What is Inclusive Education? Brainstorm and Discussion
  • You Tube video:  “When the Chips are Down”, Rick Lavoie
               Write five statements and/or questions for discussion
  • Read Article:  “Neurodiversity-The Future of Special Education” – Study guide
  • PowerPoint:  Learning Disabilities - Intervention Strategies for Specific Areas
  • Issues Brainstorming
  • Computer Lab to begin research for presentations

Job Description of Special Education Teacher and General Education Teacher in an Inclusive Setting due on day 4

  • Interview 1 general education teacher and 1special education teacher.
    (if you are in the same building as another classmate, please interview different people.)
  • Interview Question:  “What do you see as the job description of a special education teacher in an inclusive setting?   What do you see as the job description of a general teacher in an inclusive setting?  Describe each individual’s responsibilities.  Record response of the responsibilities of each group.

Day 2

  • Group Presentation:  Learning Disabilities
  • IEP Groupings – Elem/HS
  • LD Quiz
  • PowerPoint:  Teaching ED/Behavioral Students
  • ED/BD Venn Diagram Activity
  • Read and Discuss Article: ‘Cracking the Behavior Code”
  • Power Point: Teaching students with Autism
  • Read Article:  “Autism as A Disorder” – Questions on board
  • Group Presentation:  Intellectual Disabilities
  • IEP Groupings
  • Computer Lab: Work on Projects

Day 3

  • Student Presentation:  Autism Students
  • Case Study – Write Goal with partner
  • PowerPoint:  ADHD students
  • Read and Discuss Article: Ferrari Engine, Bicycle Brakes
  • Read Article:  “ADHD From Stereotype to Science” or “ADHD 2.0” – pair and share
  • Student Presentation:  Emotionally Disabled Students
  • Dyslexia

To build background watch:TED Talk.Edu What is Dyslexia? Kelli Sandman-Hurley (
Watch Ted Talk – The True Gifts of a Dyslexia Mind (Dean Bragonier)
Record at least 5 points you found interesting or new.

  • Computer Lab:  Work on Projects.

Tourette’s Syndrome

  • 1. Go to:
  • Tourette Association of America
  • Tools for Educators
  • Managing TS in a Classroom
  • For Tic Symptoms
  • Tics in the Classroom: Educator’s Guide
  • *review classroom strategies

Roles of Special Education and Regular Education Teachers Discussion

Day 4

  • Watch YouTube: Living with Tourette Syndrome (Stuart Pollak) Class Discussion
  • Student Presentation:  ADHD students
  • Co-Teaching Articles and Discussion
  • Share website, issue
  • Learning Strategy Presentations  (grade levels)


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