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3 graduate semester hours

Instructor:  Dr. Craig Weaver

Required Readings:

Dweck, C., (2008). Mindset: The new psychology of success. Random House: New York.

Wagner, Tony. (2015). Most Likely to Succeed- Preparing Our Kids for the Innovation Era.  Scribner: New York, NY.

Supplementary Readings:

Albert, L. (1996). Cooperative Discipline. AGS: Circle Pines, NM.

Benson, J. (2014).  Hanging in: Strategies for teaching the students who challenge us most. ASCD: Alexandria, VA.

Harris, B., Goldberg, C. (2012).  75 quick and easy solutions to common classroom disruptions. Eye on Education: Larchmont, NY.

Johnston, P. (2004). Choice Words. Stenhouse Publishing: Portland, Maine.

Marzano, R. (2003). Classroom management that works. ASCD: Alexandria, VA.

Payne, R. (2005). Framework for understanding poverty. 4th ed. Aha! Process: Highlands, Tx.

Sprink, R. (2009).  CHAMPS: A proactive and positive approach to classroom management. 2nd Edition.  Pacific Northwest Publishing:  Eugene, Or.

Course Rationale:
In order to effectively run a classroom teachers must understand the following content: 1) mindset & motivation, 2) learning skills, 3) respect for self, others, and property, 4) procedures, protocols, rules and regulations, 5) Ohio school law, 6) effective parent involvement

Instructional Objectives


The student will:

1.Discover a deeper understanding of management techniques used in effective classrooms and schools.

2.Examine the concepts surrounding management.

3.Describe the theoretical and practical basis for methods, techniques and approached to classroom management.

4.Recognize the theorists in group dynamics and their research.


The student will:

1.Interpret the various techniques and approaches to classroom management and discipline.

2.Analyze the theories of various leaders in the field of classroom management.

3.Develop a personal management plan aligned with common core objectives.


The student will:

1.Develop awareness of and respect children as unique individuals.

2.Respect the dignity of students.

3.Appreciate the particular cultural and societal influences on students.

4.Assess new concepts and techniques in classroom management.

5.Develop an enthusiasm for experimentation and discovery.

6.Foster an open, free, trusting environment.

7.Assume responsibility for self-development.



Read Tony Wagner, Most Likely to Succeed Chapter 7 (2 attachments)

SUBMISSION #1 Identify key points Wagner makes about innovation and reform

Watch Ted Talk: Tony Wagner-“Reinventing Education for the 21st Century”.  SUBMISSION #2 Identify key points Wagner makes.

Watch Ted Talk:  Geoffrey Canada: “Our Failing Schools. Enough is Enough”

SUBMISSION #3 Identify key points by Canada

Watch Ted Talk: Linda Cliatt-Wayman: “How to Fix a Broken School”

SUBMISSION #4 Identify key ideas

Watch Ted Talk: Julie Lythcott-Haims: “How to Raise a Child”

SUBMISSION #5 Identify key ideas

SUBMISSION #6 Based on Submissions 1-5 key points, what reforms would you like to see incorporated in your educational setting.


Watch Ted Talk: Eduardo Briceno-“The Power of Belief”

SUBMISSION #7 What is Briceno’s message?

Go to; scroll to bottom of page, and under “The Science” click on and read “Why Mindsets Matter”, “Changing Mindsets”, “Teachers Practices”. SUBMISSION #8 Based on this information, how can you use Growth Mindset concepts in your setting?



Download “Ohio Compilation of School Discipline, Laws and Regulations” pdf

Go to table of contents and under “In-school discipline”  read “Teacher Authority to Remove Students from Classroom” p. 7; (YES!  Teachers DO have the authority to remove students from classroom.)

SUBMISSION #9 Self-select 2 other areas 1 from table of contents and 1 from the Ohio State Code Cited p. 1-2, summarize the law and indicate what your interest is in that particular area.

Read facts and case summary :Tinker v. Des Moines-Landmark Supreme Court Ruling…

SUBMISSION #10 Answer the following question:  “Did the supreme court get it right?” Explain your thinking.



Go to Olin College of Engineering website:

Click on “Academic Life”; Read “Academic Life”, “Curriculum”, “Academic Experience”.

SUBMISSION #11 What ideas from Olin College would work in your setting?



SUBMISSION #12 Based on the CHAMPS outline of “Classroom Management and Discipline Plan - 2 pages (attachment), create your own personal management plan. In addition to the procedures and routines in the CHAMPS outline, please include:  How you handle cellphones in the classroom and any other procedures and routines you believe are important.

Use whatever submission format you deem appropriate. 


Email Submissions 1-12 to receive letter grade





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