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3 graduate semester hours
Instructor:  Dr. Craig Weaver

Required Readings:

Dweck, C., (2008). Mindset: The new psychology of success. Random House: New York.

Wagner, Tony. (2015). Most Likely to Succeed- Preparing Our Kids for the Innovation Era.  Scribner: New York, NY.

Supplementary Readings:

Albert, L. (1996). Cooperative Discipline. AGS: Circle Pines, NM.

Benson, J. (2014).  Hanging in: Strategies for teaching the students who challenge us most. ASCD: Alexandria, VA.

Harris, B., Goldberg, C. (2012).  75 quick and easy solutions to common classroom disruptions. Eye on Education: Larchmont, NY.

Johnston, P. (2004). Choice Words. Stenhouse Publishing: Portland, Maine.

Marzano, R. (2003). Classroom management that works. ASCD: Alexandria, VA.

Payne, R. (2005). Framework for understanding poverty. 4th ed. Aha! Process: Highlands, Tx.

Sprink, R. (2009).  CHAMPS: A proactive and positive approach to classroom management. 2nd Edition.  Pacific Northwest Publishing:  Eugene, Or.

Course Rationale:

In order to effectively run a classroom teachers must understand the following content: 1) mindset & motivation, 2) learning skills, 3) respect for self, others, and property, 4) procedures, protocols, rules and regulations, 5) Ohio school law, 6) effective parent involvement,  7) curriculum alignment, and (8) Brain “likes”.

Instructional Objectives


The student will:

  1. Discover a deeper understanding of management techniques used in effective classrooms and schools.
  2. Examine the concepts surrounding management.
  3. Describe the theoretical and practical basis for methods, techniques and approached to classroom management.
  4. Recognize the theorists in group dynamics and their research.


The student will:

  1. Interpret the various techniques and approaches to classroom management and discipline.
  2. Analyze the theories of various leaders in the field of classroom management.
  3. Develop a personal management plan aligned with common core objectives.


The student will:

  1. Develop awareness of and respect children as unique individuals.
  2. Respect the dignity of students.
  3. Appreciate the particular cultural and societal influences on students.
  4. Assess new concepts and techniques in classroom management.
  5. Develop an enthusiasm for experimentation and discovery.
  6. Foster an open, free, trusting environment.
  7. Assume responsibility for self-development.

Instructional Procedures

This course will include cooperative learning, oral presentations, group discussions,  lectures and Ted Talk presentations (Video).

Tentative Course Outline

Day One - Introduction

Introductions: Name, Certification Area and Passionate About?

Review Syllabus

Are You A Teacher Or A Coach?

Overall Objective- Create a school where respect for self, others, property and “fun” exists

Provocative Session- We Need to Get Rid of, Stop Doing, Proscribe, Cease and Desist……………What?

Mindset, Brain and Education: The Greatest Race OAT, M.I.T.

Is it possible to design optimal instruction and learning activities without understanding the physicality of the brain?

State of Education:  Goals 2000, NCLB, Race to the Top, Common Core, Carnage Inst.,

            U of A, ND, NW, L of C, U of T

Standard Model – Input - ? - Output

TED TALK - Linda Cliatt-Wayms-Theory: How to Raise Children (Both Ways)

How to Provide Activity Dependent Instruction for Learning and Remembering   

Tinker – Respect/Ethics vs. Constitution- In Loco Parentis vs. Constitution

Ohio Revised Code – Analysis (Sus, Exp., Perm Exclusion, Parent Ed, Re-Entry, Exp., Extracurricular & Interscholastic, Alternative School, Dress Code, Bullying, and

“0” Tolerance)

Student Expectations

Big Ideas for Ted Talk

Ted Talk Topics Sign Up

Mindset and Carol Dweck and Eduardo Briceno

M L T S Chapters


Day Two –Mindset/MLTS

Syllabus Review

Standard Model Review

Ted Talk – Geoffrey Canada

Peer Review – Ted Talk

MLTS  Chapters

Ted Talks


Day Three- MLTS/ Mindset

Parent Involvement Quiz

What do the “Good” Kids Say?

Instructional Mastery Standards 80%-100%-Curve

PMP Framework

MLTS Chapters

Ted Talk


Day Four - Plan

Ted Talks

Special situations

Activity Dependent Learning and Memory

PMP Presentations

M.L. to S.

Grading Procedures

Attendance 20%

Ted Talk 20% S. Presentation20%

Personal Management Plan 20%

Mindset Presentation20%

Learning to Learn Presentation 20%

Neuroscience Presentation 20%








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