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ED594K  Co-Teaching in the K-12 Environment


Sonequa Reeves, M.Ed

Course Description:  Co-teaching has increasingly become more popular as education moves to more collaborative models of instruction. This course will help you to reflect on what you can bring to a co-teaching framework, and to reflect on aspects of co-teaching that are essential for you (and your partner!) to succeed in that environment.  You’ll learn the different co-teaching models, how to co-teach with a specialist, and how to apply specific strategies to foster learning in a collaborative environment.  Appropriate for grade levels K-12.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Use provided prompts specific to co-teaching to describe assumptions and insights of practitioners, researchers and self, including how the information relates to professional educational practice.  
  • Design and implement an activity for use in the co-teaching classroom.
  • Collaborate with a colleague on a Communication Creed
  • Develop an action plan to challenge the status quo related to traditional co-teaching and or instructional models.
  • Discuss in writing how to divide co-teaching roles and responsibilities and methods for conflict resolution. 
  • Analyze video of co-teaching in action observing for best practices.

Materials Needed

  • Co-Teaching that works: Structures and Strategies for maximizing student learning, 2nd Edition, Benighof, A (2020) 
  • Computer with internet access
  • Personal Gmail account:  
    • Not affiliated with K-12 school district 
    • Not affiliated with Higher learning institution outside of Notre Dame College 

Module 1: 

  • Social Emotional Check In 

Assignment #1: Personal Introduction

Assignment #2:  Statement of Intention & Awareness
Assignment #3: Investigation: Read and Respond

Module 2: 

  • Social Emotional Check in 

Assignment #4: Read and Respond Continued 

Assignment #5: Personal Opinion regarding Co-Teaching

Assignment #6: Application

Module 3:

  • Social Emotional Check In 

Assignment #7: Collaborate
Assignment #8: Roles and Responsibilities
Assignment #9:

Module 4:


Social Emotional Check In 

Assignment #10: Application: Innovate
Assignment #11: Application: Implement  

            Assignment #12: Reflection:

Module 5: 

  • Social Emotional Check In 
  • Course Evaluation 




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