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ED594W: IEPs, WEPs & 504s, Oh My!


Sonequa H Reeves & Jennie Peoples


Course Description:

Knowledge and practical strategies of how to write and implement an IEP (Individual Education Plan), WEP (Written Education Plan), and 504 Plan (mental or physical disability) in the K-12 environment. Explore the reasons, needs and expectation of needing an IEP,WEP or 504 plan, who is involved in planning- implementation and how long they last.


Course Objectives:

      Gain Understanding of IEP.

      Meet the child’s academic development and functional needs that result from the disability

      Gain Understanding of WEP

      WEP outlines the goals of service for students who are gifted may include both academics and affective goals

      Gain Understanding of 504 Plan

      A plan to ensure that a student who has a disability identified under the law is attending an elementary or secondary educational institution receives accommodations that will ensure their academic success


Instructional Methods:

Readings, videos, presentations, analysis and evaluations, reflections and journaling


Instructional Material:

      The IEP from A to Z:  How to Create Meaningful & Measurable Goals and Objectives 2nd Edition D.Twachtman-Cullen & J. Twachtman-Bassett

      Learning Outside the Lines (Dec 2018) J. Mooney & D. Cole



Course Agenda:


Module 1:  IEPs

      Introduction to IEPs

      List of tests used to write IEPs

      List of goals used in an IEP

      IEP Samples

      Participants write an IEP based on scenario


Module 2: WEPs

      Introduction to WEPs

      List of tests used to write WEPs

      List of goals used to write WEPs

      WEPs samples

      Participants write an WEP based on scenario


Module 3: 504s

      Introduction to 504s

      List of tests/assessments used to write a 504

      List of goals used to write a 504

      Participants write a 504 plan based on a scenario


Module 4: Independent Study

      Same Goal ( website)

      ODE standards related:







1.     (3) Video Reflections : 30%  

Participants will reflect on three videos related to IEPs, WEPs, and 504s.


2.     (1) IEP, WEP, 504: 10%

Participants will write  one of the following: IEP,WEP, or 504.


3.     (3) Summary of Assessments used to write IEP, WEP & 504: 30% Participants will research in depth various assessments used to write an IEP, WEP & 504 and write a summary of their findings for each.


4.     Instructional Strategy: 20% Participants will choose an instructional strategy that they can or have used with an IEP,WEP, or 504 student or one they would like to use.


5.     Video Reflection 10% : Reflect on the process of grading a student with an IEP, WEP or 504 plan.



** This syllabus serves as a summary of the class.  More detailed assignments & description upon registration into the class.

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