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IEPs, WEPs, & 504s Oh My!


Sonequa Reeves, M.Ed



Course Description:

Knowledge and practical strategies of how to write and implement an IEP (Individual Education

Plan), WEP (Written Education Plan), and 504 Plan (mental or physical disability) in the K-12

environment. Explore the reasons, needs and expectation of needing an IEP, WEP or 504 plan,

who is involved in planning- implementation and how long they last.


Learning Outcomes:

      Gain Understanding of IEP: Meet the child’s academic development and functional needs that result from the disability.

      Gain Understanding of WEP: WEP outlines the goals of service for students who are gifted may include both academics and affective goals.

      Gain Understanding of 504 Plan: A plan to ensure that a student who has a disability identified under the law is attending an elementary or secondary educational institution receives accommodations that will ensure their academic success.


Instructional Methods:

Readings, videos, presentations, analysis and evaluations, reflections and journaling


Instructional Material:

● The IEP from A to Z: How to Create Meaningful & Measurable Goals and Objectives

2nd Edition D.Twachtman-Cullen & J. Twachtman-Bassett

● Learning Outside the Lines (Dec 2018) J. Mooney & D. Cole


Materials Needed:

      Computer with access to the internet

      Gmail Account required


Module 1:

      Social Emotional Check in (one)

      Introduction to IEPs

      List of tests to write IEPs

      IEP Sample

      Write a pros/cons to an IEP (one page minimum)






Module 2:

      Social Emotional Check In (two)

      Introduction to WEPs

      List of tests to write WEPs

      Sample WEP

      Write a pros/cons to an WEP (one page minimum)


Module 3:

      Social Emotional Check In (three)

      Introduction to 504s

      List of tests/assessment used to write a 504

      Sample 504

      Analyze/critique a 504


Module 4:

      Social Emotional Check In (four)

      Independent Study

      Same Goal

      ODE Standards related to:





Module 5:

      Social Emotional Check In (Five)

      Course Evaluation



      25% Daily Check Ins (Attendance)

      25% IEPs

      25% WEPs

      25% 504



**Syllabus is tentative and subject to change or modification at instructor's discretion.

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