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Course Syllabus – ED595D Google in the Digital Classroom
Teacher Information: 
Laura F. Sandy

Course Description:This is a course designed to expose teachers to trending technologies that will support and enhance classroom instruction.  The course will focus on the learning management system of Google Classroom with connected applications, add-ons and extensions plus a variety of interactive websites and online assessment tools.  Through blended digital learning, teachers can improve student engagement and success.  

Course Objectives:

  • Examine purpose and best practices for using a blended (digital) classroom.
  • Implement a learning management system.
  • Create online assessments and learn how to provide electronic feedback.
  • Utilize trending interactive resources.
  • Build a professional #blendedlearning network.

Learning Experiences:
Teacher will present, demonstrate and model the various tools, as well as facilitate guided and experiential practice.  Group discussion will also be utilized to analyze the tools.  Ultimately, students will produce their own products of each of the types of resources.

Materials Needed:
Students will need a computer and access to the Internet.  A GAFE (Google Apps for Education) account is recommended.  

Course Agenda:

Day 1

  • Introduction to a blended (digital) classroom.  (Resource: )
  • Introduction to learning management systems.
  • Google Classroom (Resource: )
  • ​creating, setting up and managing a class
  • student tab (adding students)
  • stream tab
  • creating assignments & announcements
  • due dates & classes
  • uploading files
  • adding links
  • connecting Google Drive
  • adding a youtube video
  • adding questionsreusing posts
  • ​about tab
  • calendar
  • adding materials
  • inviting teachers

Day 2

  • Assessment tools.
    Grading Student Work on Classroom
  • adding comments
  • returning work
  • copying grades to Google Sheets/dowloading grades
  • Goobrics & Doctopus
  • Google Forms
  • Flubaroo
  • YAMM
  • Autocrat
  • other add-ons/extensions
  • Other trending tools
  • Zip Grade

Day 3

  • Interactive websites
  • Study assistance
  • Gameshow
  • Videos
    Resource warehousing 
  • Other trending websites
  • Mobile Devices

Day 4

  • Building a professional network to support the blended classroom
  • Teacher Tech by Alice Keeler (Resource:
  • Ditch that Textbook by Matt Miller (Resource:
  • #edtech
  • Saving sources to Google Chrome
  • Presentations


  1. Creating your own Google Classroom (40%)
    Students will create their own Google Classroom to use with their students incorporating the features listed in the syllabus.
  1. Assessment Online (30%)
    Students will create assessments and grade them using three methods of delivery:
    1. Grading in Google Classroom
    2. Grading using Google Forms
    3. Grading using other tools
  2. Interactive Websites (20%)
    Students will create two interactive assignments to use in their classrooms.  
  3. Professional Network (10%)
    Students will research an online professional site/person to add to their professional network and share in a forum discussion.


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