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Google Apps & More (2023)

Sonequa Reeves, M.Ed



Course Description:

This course is dedicated to teaching how to apply Google Apps to your teaching IT, or professional situation. Course participants will learn how Google Apps can enhance lessons inside and outside of school and support teachers in collaboration and sharing of resources and ideas.  In addition to learning and implementing Google Apps, educators will create motivational and relevant classroom activities, teacher support materials and assessment tools.

This course is applicable for any K-12 teacher, administrator, or anyone looking to increase their technology skills.


Learning Outcomes:

1.     Understand how Google Apps work and how to use them.

2.     Understand how to apply various Google Apps in the classroom and general education environment.

3.     Be able to create and share forms, spreadsheets, word documents, presentations, calendars, and emails through Google Apps.

4.     Understand how Google Apps will enhance collaboration both inside and outside of the classroom.

5.     Understand how Google Apps increases productivity.


Learning Experiences:

Completion of all specified assignments is required for issuance of credit. 


Materials Needs:

      Computer with access to the internet

      Gmail Account required



Module 1:

      Social Emotional Check In (One)

Assignment #1: Introduction:

      Introduce yourself by describing your professional situation

      Reasons for being interested in this course

      What you expect to take away

      Your general level of experience and proficiency with instruction that incorporates some level of technology, including the internet.


Assignment #2: Google Apps Introduction: Watch the Google Apps intro video, concept video, collaboration video, sharing videos, and familiarize yourself with the Google Apps for Education website.  Your goal should be to develop a solid working knowledge of the potential of Google Apps.  one page minimum summarize :

      What you predict to be the most useful thing about using Google Apps

      What excites you about Google Apps

      What you want to know more about, and how you picture yourself using Google Apps



Assignment #3: Gmail Introduction:

      Gmail Informational (handout)

      Gmail Visuals (visual handout)

      Gmail video intro:

      Gmail Basics Video:

      Gmail Assignment


Assignment #4: Google Drive

      Google Drive Informational (handout)

      Google Drive Visuals (handout)

      Google Drive Video:  

      Google Drive Assignment


Assignment #5: Google Docs

      Google Docs Informational (handout)

      Google Docs Visuals (handout)

      Google Docs Assignment


Module 2:

      Social Emotional Check In (Two)

Assignment #6: Google Calendar

      Google Calendar Informational (handout)

      Google Calendar Visuals (handout)

      Google Calendar Assignment



Assignment #7: Google Meet

      Google Meet Basics (handout)

      Google Meet Quiz

      Google Meet Assignment


Assignment #8: Google Slides

      Google Slides Informational (handout)

      Google Slide Challenge


Module 3:

      Social Emotional Check In (Three)

Assignment #9: Google Sheets

      Google Sheets Visuals (handout)

      Google Sheets Assignment


Assignment #10: Google Forms

      Google Forms (handout)

      Google Forms Visuals (handout)

      Google Forms Assignments


Module 4:

      Social Emotional Check In (Four)

Assignment #11: Google Classroom

      Google Classroom Basics (handout)

      Google Classroom Assignment


Module 5:

      Social Emotional Check In (Five)

      Assignment #12: And More!

      Google Jamboard

      Google Sites

      You Tube





      Course Evaluation



      10% Daily Check Ins ( Attendance)

      45% App Tasks

      45% Finished Products





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