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Google Advanced Training:  Google Certified Educator Level Two
Teacher Information:
Laura Sandy

Course Description: Moving beyond Google Fundamentals, this advanced course teaches cutting-edge strategies for integrating Google in the classroomStudents will be prepared to take the Level Two Google Certified Educator Exam.  Prerequisite:  ED595G Using Google to Teach and Learn or ED595D Google in the Digital Classroom and ED Google. 

Course Objectives:

Use Google to engage in professional growth and leadership
Increase efficiency and save time through use of Google
Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity
Promote and Model Google tools:  Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Slides,Google Forms, Google Classroom, Google Docs,        Google Drawings
Personalize learning through Project Based Learning, Flipped Learning, and Blended Learning
Create a Blended Learning Unit or Lesson
Enhance Chrome with Extensions
Differentiate Instruction using Google Classroom
Learn advanced strategies for integrating Google in the classroom

Learning Experiences:  Students will read, watch videos and complete activities to learn how to integrate Google into the classroom.  Class will be conducted online with students digitally communicating with instructor.  Students will complete the Google Certified Educator Exam Level 2.

Attendance Policy:  Students are expected to complete each module online.

Materials Needed:  Students will need a computer and access to internet.  A G-Suite (Google Apps for Education) account from Notre Dame College is required.  Students will also pay for the Google Certified Educator Exam at the end of course (approximately $25).

Course Agenda:
Module 1:
Unit 1:  Promote and model the effective use of digital tools
Review Google Plus, YouTube, Blogger, Google Sites and Drive – click on icons
Complete Learn How-
       Find and Join Google+ Communities
       Label your Blogger Posts
       YouTube Channels
       Getting started with Hangouts on Air
       Insert Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms in a Google Site
       Upload Files and Folders to Drive
       Create and Delete Playlists on YouTube
Lesson 1: Set Up Mentorship and Support Processes to Guide Other Teachers         
Read:  Supporting Each Other
Making It Work – 6 videos
Read:  Building Support
Complete and Submit Plan for  “Finding the Time”

Lesson Check

Lesson 2:  Creating and Curating Online Resources
Sharing Beyond Your Classroom –  How could you use these Google tools (Google Plus, YouTube, Blogger, Google Sites, Hangouts on Air and Shared Files in Drive)to drive greater collaboration and learning among your colleagues? Submit answer
Connecting with Colleagues – View 6 cards
Submit ideas for your professional development plan

Lesson Check

Complete Unit Review and Submit to Instructor

Unit 2:  Leverage Leaning Models to Personalize Learnig
Review Sheets, Drawings, Forms, Docs
Complete Learn How-

  • Insert Table in Docs
  • Insert Images in Docs
  • Add a Hyperlink
  • Paint and Create Charts and Diagrams with Google Drawings
  • Create a Survey Using Google Forms
  • Create a Chart or Graph in Google Sheets

Lesson 1:  Get Inspired by Alternate Learning Models
Read:  Learning in Other Ways
Complete and Submit – Time to Think questions
Read:  Inside Personalized Learning Classrooms
Watch Video:  Inspired by Alternate Learning Models

Complete Goal Setting Doc

Lesson Check

Lesson 2:  Using Google Tools to Personalize Learnig
Read:  Make Learning Personal
Read 6 Cards – Google Tools to Assist
Read:  Essential Elements of Personalized Classroom Lessons
Review-  (Click on link)
-     Multi Media Text Set

  • Embed your Video
  • Google Groups for Discussion’
  • Google Drawing for Demonstrating Understanding
  • Google Forms to Collect Data
  • Google Slide Show as an Individual or group alternative assessment
  • Google Charts in Spreadsheets to Visualize Data

Create an activity that includes both a Flipped Classroom technique and a Blended Learning opportunity.  Submit to Instructor

Review Doc icon for example of multi-media text set.  Review tutorial links (Insert Tables in Docs, Insert Image in Docs, Add a Hyperlink) Complete Activity and Submit to Instructor

Lesson Check

Complete Unit Review – Submit to Instructor

Unit 3:  Use Advanced Features to Optimize Workflow

Complete Learn How:

  • Share a Calendar
  • Create Appointment Slots
  • Enable Labs in Gmail
  • Enable Labs in Calendar
  • Manage Chrome Apps and Extensions
  • Create a Private Chrome App Collection
  • Manage Add-ons

Lesson 1:  Create a Shared Calendar for Parents and Students

Read:  Stay Informed

Adding Class Structure with Calendar

            Complete Learn How-

            Creating an Events Calendar

            Sharing the View of the Calendar

            Setup Guardian Email Summaries

Read Scenario Mr. Jones – Answer  questions; Submit response

Lesson Check

Lesson 2:  Let Labs do the Work for You
Read: Get More Out of Gmail and Calendar
Experimenting with Labs
Complete Learn How-

  • Finding and Enabling Labs
  • Recalling an Email
  • Saving Time with Canned Responses
  • Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts to Customize Your Gmail
  • Calendar Attachments

Read Scenario Mrs. Coats – Find Gmail Lab to help her – Submit to Instructor
Lesson Check

Lesson 3:  Share Chrome Apps and Extensions with Your Students
Read:  Making the Most of Chrome in Your Classroom
Sharing and Managing Apps and Extensions

            Complete Learn How-

  • Sharing Apps and Extensions by Email
  • Sharing Apps and Extensions via Google+
  • Managing Chrome Apps by Organizational Units
  • Managing Chrome Apps Individually

Read Scenario – Respond; Submit to instructor

Lesson Check

Lesson 4:  Supercharge Task Automation with Add-ons and Apps
Getting Started with Add-ons – Click on and review each card
Easing the Assessment Process
Explore the following Add-ons for Assessments

  • Sheets- Flubaroo, Goobric, Doctopus
  • Forms – DocAppender
  • Docs – Doc to Form

Pick your Favorite Add-on and write how you could use it-Submit to Instructor

Lesson Check

Complete Unit Review- Submit to Instructor

Unit 4:  Analyze and Interpret Student Data
Review:  Classroom, Sheets, Forms
Complete Learn How:

  • Use the SORT Function to sort data
  • Use the SUM Function to add data
  • Use the UNIQUE function to visualize data more effectively
  • Create Visualizations of the Data to Analyze and Share
  •  Filter the Data into Manageable Summaries
  • Choose a Form Response Destination
  •  Import Data Sets and Spreadsheets

Lesson 1:  Visualize Results Quickly
Read:  See the Results
Watch Video: Applying Conditional Formatting
Visualizing Results – Write Response and Share with Instructor

Lesson Check

Lesson 2:  Make Sense of Large Data Sets
Read:  Working with Big Data
Advanced Tools for Data
Complete Learn How:

  • Sort Function
  • Filter Function
  • Filter Tool and Views
  • Create a Pivot Table
  • Radar Chart
  • CountIF Function
  • SumIF Function

Read Scenario Mrs. Gaudek –Complete task

Lesson Check

Lesson 3:  Accelerate Learning with Shorter Feedback Loops
Read:  Decreasing the Time Between Teaching and Learning
Read:  Building Formative Assessments
Read:  Delivering Assessments with Google Classroom
Answer Questions – Assess Students Simply with Impactful Resources

Lesson Check

Complete Unit Review –Submit to Instructor

Unit 5:  Organize Your Class and School Materials More Effectively
Review:  Blogger, Google Sites and Drive
Complete Learn How:

  • How to Share a Classroom from a Mobile Device
  • How to Use Google Blogger
  • How to Use Google Drive

Lesson 1:  Create a Portal for Your Class

Read:  Your Online Portal
Watch 4 Videos – The Benefits of an Online Class Portal
Read:  Planning Your Classroom
Design a plan for your classroom – Submit to Instructor

Lesson Check

Lesson 2:  Use Blogger to Gather Ideas
Read: What’s a Blog?
Watch Video – Uses of Blog
Review- Blogger Getting Started Guide
What are some ways your students can use blogs in your classroom? – Submit to Instructor

Lesson Check

Lesson 3:  Update and Share Your Syllabus with Ease
Read:  Taking Your Syllabus Online
Build a Better Syllabus
Complete Learn How:
Create a Table of Contents
Using Tables
Alert Your Collaborators
Tag and Notify in Comments
Mathematical Equations
Crop and Adjust Images
Scenario:  Mrs. Reisen – Complete and Submit

Lesson Check

Lesson 4:  Use Digital Portfolios to House Student Work
Read:  About Portfolios
Watch 4 videos – Choosing to Use Electronic Portfolios
Read:  Housing Student Work
Design Your Portfolio Site – Submit to Instructor

Lesson Check

Complete Unit Review – Submit to Instructor

Unit 6:  Design Interactive Curricula

Review:  YouTube, Sheets, Docs, Learning Center, Forms, Slides
Complete Learn How:

  • Insert Shapes, Images, and Other Objects in Slides
  • Add Cards to Your YouTube Videos
  • Card Reports

Go to a Page Based on Answer in Google Forms

Lesson 1:  Deliver Interactive Slides Presentations

Read:  Think Outside the Slide
Transform Learning through Interactive Slide Presentation

  • Click on each card:  Package Digital Lessons using Google Slides
  • Google Slides + Google Forms = A Perfect Match
  • Interactive Note-Taking with Google Slides
  • Student-Created Content Using Google Slides

Answer questions under Engage, Educate and Inspire with Google Slides.  What will you try? Submit to instructor

Lesson Check

Lesson 2:  Teach with Interactive YouTube Videos
Read:  More Than Just a Video
Interactive Options in YouTube
Complete Learn How:

  • What is a Card?
  • Add and Edit Cards
  • Polls within Cards
  • Live Chatting
  • Comment and Supplemental Links

Enrich the Classroom with Interaction – Brainstorm ideas

Lesson Check

Lesson 3:  More Ways to Add to Instruction
Read:  More Interaction, More Learning
Watch 4 videos – Interesting Innovations
Review Resources for Support

Submit Innovation Activity to Instructor

Lesson Check

Lesson 4:  Find and Adapt Other Curricula for Your Needs
Read:  Don’t Reinvent the Wheel
Analyzing Quality – Click cards

  • The Power of Peers
  • Google Search
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Using Student Research Skills
  • How Does It Feel?
  • The About Page

Answer question under In the Classroom- Submit to Instructor

Lesson Check

Complete Lesson Review- Submit to Instructor

Unit 7:  Give Students a Voice
Review Products by Clicking on Icons
    Forms, Classroom, Groups, Hangouts, Google Plus, Drawings, Google Sites, Blogger, YouTube
Complete Learn How-
     Using Google Hangouts (Video)
     Using Google Hangouts on Air
     Create and Edit Custom Maps
     Getting Started with Google Earth

Lesson 1:  Use Google Hangouts to Connect to the World
Read:  Connecting with Hangouts
Read:  Expanding your Classroom
Click on Cards
     Hangouts VS YouTube Live
     How and When
     Review Policy and Permissions

Complete Getting Inspired

Lesson Check

Lesson 2:  Use Maps to Create Exciting Virtual Field Trips
Read:  Explore the World
Google Maps in Practice – Review by clicking on each card
Read:  Learning with Google Maps
Watch Video – Meet Google Arts & Culture
Review- My Maps, Google Tour Builder, Google Earth Education Page

Lesson Check

Lesson 3:  Create a World to Explore with Students
Read:  Bring Literature to Life
Review – Google Earth Overview and Get Google Earth
Video – Google Lit Trips
Review- Create a Lit Trip in Google My Maps
     Google My Maps Help
     Import KML or KMZ files on Google Earth

Complete Across the Curriculum – Submit to instructor

Lesson Check

Lesson 4:  Giving Your Students the World with Google Expeditions
Read:  Embarking on an Expedition
Video – Lesson Planning with Google Expeditions
Read:  Planning for Real Learning through Virtual Reality
Click on cards in order:
     Pre-Expedition Prep, Before the Expedition, During the Expedition, After the Expedition
Create a lesson plan using Expeditions – Submit to Instructor

Lesson Check

Complete Unit Review- Submit to Instructor

Unit 8:  Harness the Power of Google for Research

Review- Search, Slides, YouTube, Docs, Drawings
Complete Learn How:
     Advanced Search Web Filters
     How Search Operators Work
     How to Use Google Translate
     Google Scholar Search Tips
     How to Create a Google Scholar Library   
     How to Use the Explore Tool

Lesson 1:  Get Better Results Using Advanced Search Strategies
Read:  Getting Even More out of Search
Learn How – Filetype, Copyright License, Region
View Cards
Review Some Other Search Tools
Design Student Search Quest – Submit to Instructor

Lesson Check

Lesson 2:  Use Translate and the Explore Tool to Enhance Your Work
Read:  Enhance Your Work
Click on Card to Explore Tool and Translate in Action
Read:  Going Deeper

Apply This in Classroom – Template for Lesson Plan – Submit to Instructor

Lesson Check

Lesson 3:  Use Google Scholar to Find Academic Papers
Read:  Be a Better Scholar
Scholarly Skills
Complete Learn How:
     Searching for Relevant Publications
     Advanced Scholar Searches
     Creating a Personalized Google Scholar Library
     Creating Citations
     Scholar Alerts
     Search with Google Docs
Complete Scenario – Student Scholars with Google

Lesson Check

Lesson 4:  Create Independent Learners
Read:  Ask 3 Before Me
Watch Video – Create Independent Learners
Complete It’s Tine to Share! – Submit to Instructor

Lesson Check

Complete Unit Review – Submit to Instructor

Unit 9:  Give Students a Voice
Complete Learn How:
     Host a Hangout on Air
     Create and Manage a YouTube Channel
     Import Videos from Google Photos
     Create or Respond to a Google + Community
     Create and Manage Google+ Events

Lesson 1:  Drive Student Discussion Inside and Outside the Classroom
Read:  Using Digital Tools to Support Student Discussion
Read:  Creating Meaningful Discussions
Review- Cards

Complete Scenario 1, 2, and 3 – Submit to instructor

Lesson Check

Lesson 2:  Help Students Publish Work Online
Read: Ideas Worth Sharing
Read:  The Power of Public
Click on cards
Complete Giving Your Students a Voice – Submit to Instructor

Lesson Check

Lesson 2:  Help Students Shape Their Own School Experiences
Read:  Inspiring Change
Click on Cards – Giving Students Control
Complete Students Making Change at Their School – Submit to Instructor

Lesson Check

Lesson 3:  Solve Community Problems Using Online Tools
Read:  Helping Others
Click on cards – Making a Difference in the Community
Read:  Mobilizing Your Community
Read:  Hackathons
Complete:  Hackathon Planner

Lesson Check

Complete Unit Review – Submit to Instructor

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