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Sandra Weaver

Course Description:  Students will survey evidence-based strategies that research proves works in special and inclusive settings.  The class will study characteristics of diverse learners including students with disabilities and at-risk concerns.  It will explore the general educator’s role related to professional collaboration and curricular adaptations/modifications.


  1. Demonstrate knowledge of special education law
  2. Gain an understanding of the identification/characteristics of students with differing special needs.
  3. Gain knowledge of educational techniques and strategies that can be used in the general education setting to facilitate the successful inclusion of students with disabilities and other educational needs.
  4. Apply knowledge of education techniques and strategies to create instructional modification and accommodation to foster successful inclusion for students with disabilities and other educational needs in the general education/classroom setting.
  5. Exam intervention strategies to determine best practice approaches.
  6.  Gain knowledge and understanding leading to an accepting and understanding attitude toward the role of the general educator in fostering inclusive practices, and toward inclusion of children with disabilities and other educational needs in the general education/classroom setting.

Instructional Methods

Readings, discussions, presentations, power points, videotapes 


American Psychiatric Association. (2013). Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (5th

ed.). Arlington, VA: Author.

ASCD Express . Volume 9. Issue 2. (October 24, 2013). Differentiating Assessments for Special Needs Students *

ASCD Express. Volume 14. Issue 25. (May 2, 2019). Maximizing Special Education Partnerships. *

Bateman, David. Cline, Jennifer. (2106). A Teacher’s Guide to Special Education. Alexandria, VA: ASCD

Educational Leadership. (December 2015/January 2016). Co-Teaching Making It Work. ASCD *

James, Beverly. (2016). Your Classroom Guide to Special Education Law. Baltimore,, MD: Brookes

Mitchell, David. (2014) What Really Works in Special and Inclusive Education. (2nd Edition. ) New

York, New York:  Routledge.. *

Policy Priorities. (Spring 2016). Volume 22. After 40 Years: What Lies  Ahead? ASCD *


Tentative Schedule

Day One

Understanding special education lawCommon Learning Disabilities (Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia) – Mayo Clinic and DSMV

Video - Barbara Arrowsmith-Young is Changing Learning Disabilities Part 1 (group discussion – Innovative ideas vs Research-based)

New and Alternative Ideas – Eaton Cognitive Classroom with Howard


Description of the Learning and Teaching Model –David Mitchell

                  The context

                  Task Demands

Biological Structures and Functions

Primary Memory

Motivational States and Personal Dispositions

IEP Meetings – Tips and Ideas

Assignments:  Explore other “innovative ideas or programs”. Identify possible strengths and weaknesses.

Day Two

What is high functioning vs low functioning Autism?

Co-Teaching –articles and discussion

What Really Works Evidence-based Teaching Strategies – Presentations

Share results of search for “innovative ideas or programs”

Day Three

Other students who need accommodations

What Really Works Evidence-based Teaching Strategies – Behavioral Approaches

What Really Works Evidence-based Teaching Strategies – Presentations

Share Idea (i.e. IEP Meeting, strategy, helpful tips)

Day Four

Court Cases

Issues/Topic presentations

Course Assignments

  1. Strategy Presentation (30 points) – 20 – 30 minute presentation based upon strategy studied from textbook – What Really Works in Special and Inclusive Education. Incorporate:  Underlying ideas, research, important features, and relevant websites. Demonstrate the strategy for the class.
  2. Issue/Topic of interest:  (40 points) Research topic of interest; present information to class via power point; include a website and/or video.
  3. 2  Article reviews (20 points)
  4. Share an idea (10 points)

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