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ED595K Managing Behavior with SEL Strategies in the K-12 Environment


Sonequa Reeves, M.Ed


Course Description:  This course aims to help teachers and students understand and manage their emotions, make responsible decisions, build and maintain relationships, and understand and empathize with others.

Course Objectives:

●      Demonstrate self-awareness of one's own emotions

●      Demonstrate skills to manage and express emotions, thoughts and impulses and stress in effective ways.

●      Demonstrate awareness of and empathy for individuals , their emotions, experiences and perspectives through a cross cultural lens.

●      Demonstrate listening actively, communicating effectively and self advocating

Instructional Materials:

●      Book: How to Apologize By: David LaRochelle

●      Book: Classroom Management Matters: The Social-Emotional Learning Approach Children Deserve By: Gianna Cassetta

●      Book: Classroom Management for Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders: A Step-by-Step Guide for Educators

Materials Needed:

●      Gmail Account (personal) REQUIRED

●      Computer & access to the internet


Module One:

●      Social Emotional Check In One

●      Introduction: In a Google Doc (provided) introduce yourself by describing your professional situation , reasons for being interested in this course and what you expect to take away from this course.

●      Introduction:  The Impact of Classroom Management on Social Emotional Learning (Handout)

●      Tips for Improving the Social Emotional Well Being of Students ( Hand out)

●      Classroom strategies to Promote Positive Behavior while Social Emotional Learning (Handout)

Module Two

●      Social Emotional Check In Two

●      Video:  ( one page minimum summary of video key takeaways)

●      Video ( one page minimum response to this video) do you agree /disagree and why?

●      Video (one page minimum summary of useful management strategies you can use in our K-12 educational setting)

Module Three

●      Social Emotional Check In Three

●      Video ( one page minium summary of the video)

●      Video ( one page minimum summary of which of the 5 games you would use in your educational setting)

●      Video No Assignment

Module Four:

●      Social Emotional Check In Four

●      Read Introduction & Chapter One of: Classroom Management Matters: The Social Emotional Learning Approach Children Deserve ( one page minimum summary of key takeaways; use questions at the end of the chapter to assist with your summary).

●      Read: How to Apologize by David LaRochelle : critique the book

Module Five:

●      Social Emotional Check In Five

●      Course Evaluation


Course Assignments:


10%:  Social Emotional Check In: Attendance

45%:  Videos & Reflections ( 7 videos)

45%: Book Chapters



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